Why IBBY – Development

To encourage the development of links between Cambodia and other countries in the area of children’s books.

Why IBBY – Support

To provide support to individuals and organisations working in the area of children’s books, education and other relevant fields.

Why IBBY – Exchange

To promote the exchange of relevant expertise and knowledge relating to children’s books at a national and international level.

IBBY Cambodia

is a network of people who are committed to bringing children and books together. Our members include publishers, editors, authors, illustrators, librarians, distributors, education professionals, and a wide variety of people passionate about reading promotion.

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What We Do?

IBBY Cambodia’s Activities

What We Do – Creating

Creating a database of publications for children, and contact details of writers, illustrators, editors, publishers;

What We Do – Organising

Organising workshops and events for sharing experience and ideas between people and organisations in Cambodia

What We Do – Nomination

Nomination of Cambodian authors and illustrators to be included in the International IBBY Honor List selection.

What We Do – Our News

Visit our news page to read about recent IBBY Cambodia activities and news from our members.

Our Members Include

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