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IBBY Cambodia is a network of people who are committed to bringing children and books together. Our members include publishers, editors, authors, illustrators, librarians,  distributors, education professionals, and a wide variety of people passionate about reading promotion.

IBBY Cambodia is committed to the advancement of reading and children’s book production in Cambodia through working with organisations and individuals involved in the production and distribution of books, and reading promotion.

Involvement in the international network of the International Board on Books for Young People, IBBY, provides the opportunity for Cambodia based organisations to learn from other countries at a similar stage in their development about how to produce children’s books of high artistic and literary merit, and to promote reading and access to books for young people in Cambodia. It also provides the opportunity to introduce Cambodian children’s books to readers around the world.

What We Do?

IBBY Cambodia’s Activities

What We Do – Creating

Creating a database of publications for children, and contact details of writers, illustrators, editors, publishers;

What We Do – Organising

Organising workshops and events for sharing experience and ideas between people and organisations in Cambodia

What We Do – Nomination

Nomination of Cambodian authors and illustrators to be included in the International IBBY Honor List selection.

What We Do – Our News

Visit our news page to read about recent IBBY Cambodia activities and news from our members.




IBBY Cambodia was established in 2011 to connect organizations and individuals working in the field of children’s books. Our activities include partnering with member organizations to provide workshops in illustration and book design; a workshop covering copyright laws and protection; reading activities at the Cambodia Book Fair; and recommending Cambodian children’s books for inclusion in an e-library. We have engaged with regional professionals for these events including working with the celebrated Malaysian illustrator Yusof Gajah and facilitating the China Children’s Press and Publication Group sponsorship of the Cambodia Book Fair in 2015. IBBY Cambodia members have also joined regional and international IBBY Congress events.

IBBY Cambodia also hosts an annual International Children’s Book Day (ICBD) event. This is a public event for children, young people, parents, and teachers. The celebrations include activities with authors and illustrators, reading competitions, games, science activities, and more. The event also helps teachers animate activities around children’s books and raises awareness among parents on the importance of reading to children. In 2017 over 1,200 visitors joined the ICBD celebrations at the Chatamouk Theatre in Phnom Penh.

What you can do

Details of support roles

Details of support roles

We often need volunteers to help at events and to publicise our activities. Contact us to get involved.

Becoming a member

Becoming a member

Join us to connect to other books organizations in Cambodia and internationally.



IBBY is a voluntary organization. All our activities are possible thanks to our sponsors. Contact us to find out how to support an activity.

IBBY International

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